“The support of America, her friends and allies is dedicated to the valor and dignity of Ukrainians”

Look at the faces of these Ukrainian people, both men and women, all of them, their families, transformed in one moment into warriors with the best human attributes, engaging in an open fight with a bloodthirsty and insane aggressor.

Choosing my role in this dramatic period of modern history, I created this foundation to enable all people who wish to do so to be able to take care of the children and direct relatives of these brave and proud people, by fulfilling a parental role of committing to helping their children in every way possible to obtain a higher education through international universities.

Funds will be raised mainly in the U.S. and U.K., from companies, foundations, and individuals. At first, we will select 50-100 student candidates, then when finances allow, a further 100-500. My program is designed to last 10 years. We will monitor our students regularly and at least every 3 months. Donors can receive information about the students they sponsor, their academic performance, their parents and our selection system.

Our foundation team will manage all aspects of the educational process, from the first advice, semester payments right through to the completion of the student’s studies.

We will select educational institutions; colleges, institutes, universities, and academies for each student, depending on the protocols of each country and their admission rules. The countries of study will be only those with democratic governments like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and most of Europe

I am, Volodymyr Malenko, 59 years old, Ukrainian by birth and I lived and studied in Ukraine until I was 21. I have lived abroad for the last 25 years, mostly in Africa (Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo). It was in Africa that I started some of my first humanitarian projects.

I plan to devote 70% of my lifetime purely to humanitarian projects. This will be my contribution to the common cause of victory and prosperity for Ukraine and the battle for the values that we share with others!

In the first nominal Board of Directors, I have invited:

- Oleg Urusky (a Ukrainian, my fellow student at the Kiev cadet school, my friend now and a successful state manager. Until recently he was the vice prime minister, minister of strategic industries of Ukraine and former head of the Rocket and Space Agency of Ukraine);

- Vladimir Lemberg (US citizen, a talented scientist from Silicon Valley, whom I met 7 years ago) will help me with the first contacts for meetings on the tasks of the Foundation in California. He always was not indifferent and supported young enthusiasts of Ukrainian science.

Thank you all for supporting us and I wish good health to you and your families!!!



A child looks out of a bus window with drawings on it as civilians are evacuated from Irpin, Ukraine - Vadim Ghirda/AP

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